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Sunday, November 16, 2008

With the stumbling economy more and more people are forced to go back to drinking plain tap water. As you are forced to do so you are also being forced to drink more and more harmful contaminants that are found in plain tap water. There are hundreds of harmful contaminants in your drinking water and most of them are tasteless and odorless. So while you are drinking this contaminated water you don't really even realize it until you are brought to the awareness of them. In the long run a water filter will save you money and free you from the hundreds of harmful contaminants that you are drinking on a daily basis. Wouldn't you rather spend a little on a water filter that will last for a long time versus $1.00 - $2.00 per bottle of bottled water? There is no guarantee that the bottled water you are paying that extra money for is even filterd or no more than tap water. Most bottling facilities aren't required to filter their water or even disinfect the bottles they use. So why not take the extra money you are spending on bottled water and do yourself and your family a favor and buy a water filter and have healthy, clean, clear, great tasting water all the time. You can even bottle your own to take along with you.

There are lots of solutions you can chooe from to ensure that the water consumed by you and your family on a daily basis is free from chlorine and hundreds of other harmful contaminants. ie: lead, silt, bad odors, heavy metals to name a few. Even if you have municipal water supply you only are guaranteed regulated amounts of contaminants, but wouldn't you much rather have no contaminants at all in your water? Weather it is for drinking bathing or for the whole home, we have
quality water filters to choose from. They range from point of use to whole house ( Point of Entry) which ensures your whole home is free from everything you don't want polluting your body. There are a wide variety to choose from, ensuring there will be one to fit your families budget. There are pitcher filters, faucet mount, counter top, and under sink water filters to ensure just your drinking water is safe and free of all the harmful contaminants you had hoped even your bottled water was / is. If you want to go a step further and get a shower or bath ball water filter to ensure the water you bathe or shower in is contaminant free also, we have a wide variety of them also. The whole house units are great as they remove all the unwanted contaminants from the water your whole home uses.

So the decision is yours to make and I know there are lots of products to choose from on the market. That is why we decided to only sell the
water filters we found to be of quality and craftsmanship you would expect of a water filter. We even have them that are made in the USA by hard working people like yourselves. With the state of our economy doesn't it make sense to keep our money local and help to keep our economy stable. So feel free to check out all the great products we have available www.qualitywaterfilters4you.com, to keep your hard earned money in your pocket as well as ensure you and your family have the clean, clear, great tasting, odor free drinking water everyone deserves.


by: Chris Tracey


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