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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The countertop water filters are a great investment if your water isn't really bad but you want great tasing, clean, clear and contaminant free water for drinking. They are easily installed on your kitchen faucet and have a diverter valve and thier own faucet for the water to come out of. They remove hundreds of contaminants, chlorine, heavy metals, chromium bad taste and odors to name a few. The countertop water filters come in single, double and triple units, as well as fluoride removal systems. They ensure that the water you and your family drink is healthy and great tasting. It doesn't matter if you are on municipal water or well water as they all contain some sort of contaminants and many other things you would cringe to know was in your drinking water.

The countertop water filters ensure that the water you drink is clean, clear, contaminant free and great tasing. So the next time you go for a glass of water and you wonder what might be in it, you may very well not want to know. If you have ever wonder that question the countertop water filter may be just the perfect addition to your kitchen. You can use the fresh filtered water for drinking, cooking, watering the family pet, or plants. The countertop water filters are less expensive in the long run versus bottled water. As you only have to buy them once and replace the cartridges when necessary, with bottled water you have to buy it daily or weekly. With bottled water you have an abundance of empty bottles to throw away and fill up the landfills, unless you are a recycler and recyce them. With a countertop water filter you eliminate the excess bottles and can fill your own and refrigerate for on the go.

If you are someone who wants fresh, clean, clear contaminant free drinking water a countertop water filter is a great idea, if you can't afford a whole house water filter. At least with the countertop filter system your drinking water will be just what you hope it will be, 100% pure, contaminant free, and healthy water. All at the turn of a knob, you can switch between the filtered water and your regular tap water. They set on your coutertop and are very attractive and stylish. So do yourself and your family a favor and make the countertop water filter the next thing you purchase for your home.


by: Chris Tracey


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