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Sunday, October 19, 2008

If you work for or own a small company or a large one the water supply is probably not the greatest tasting. If you are thinking about a floor model water cooler but don't want to get one that has that big heavy bulky water bottle to deal with. We have the unit you are looking for, it is a bottless water cooler. No big heavy bulky bottles of water for this baby. Just hook it right to your cold water supply and you will have great tasing, filtered, contaminant free hot or cold water at the touch of a button. The health of your employees should be important to you and with a bottleless water cooler you can ensure that at least the water they consume at work is healthy and contaminant free. Bottleless water coolers remove hundreds of contaminant from the water making it taste better, with no odors or nasty taste. Bottless water cooler come in a wide variety of styles and all have 9 stages of filtration, some even have a reverse osomosis filtration too.

The bottleless water cooler systems save time and money and are very attractive and stylish. There is even a bottleless ultra hybrid floor model to choose from. Some even have the option to pour the water into the top and not have to hook it up to your water supply. You have additional options for the units as well, there are additional filters you can add. Nitrate, Nitrite, arsenic among others/ The price range is affordable for any situation. So do yourself and your employees a favor and invest in a bottleless water cooler for your offfice. We even have countertop bottleless water coolers, so take a look and see for yourself how affordable, sleek and stylish they are. The bottleless water cooler would make a great addition to any work environment.

The benefits of a bottleless water cooler are the water is contaminant free, clean, clear and healthier than just tap or municipal water. No big bulky, heavy, water bottles to carry and lift, or even dispose of, and most of all the water is ready at the touch of a button, hot or cold. You won't go wrong with the purchase of a bottless water cooler for your work place. Your employees, your customers and even yourself will be glad you did. You may even save some on the environment as the trash won't be filled up with empty bottles from bottled water being thrown away. So do some looking and decide which unit is right for you and your company and rest assured that it will be one of the best investment you make today.


by: Chris Tracey


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