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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arsenic In Your Drinking Water If you have arsenic in your drinking water, here are some interesting facts you might not be aware of. Arsenic is found more in ground water than in surface water ( ie: lakes and streams). Aresnic comes from many different sources, it is natural in rocks, air, water, animals and plants. It is also used as a wood preservative, you may also find arsenic in paints, dyes,drugs, metals and soaps. High arsenic levels can be found in some types of fertilizers. The EPA's standard level of arsenic is 10 PPB

The health effects of arsenic are long and short term. Short term effects of arsenic can be noticed within hours or days. Long term effects appear over many years, and some of the long term diseases
arsenic can cause is cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, liver, nasal passages, kidneys and prostate. Many adverse health problems can be caused by short term exposure to high levels of arsenic. Municipal water supplies have standards on the levels of arsenic allowed by the EPA and it is 10PPB. Where with well water is frequently more likely to have arsenic . To ensure you and your family aren't comsuming these high levels of arsenic you should have your water tested. You are more likely to consume higher levels of arsenic from water consumed from a well.

So the way to ensure you and your family isn't drinking high levels of
arsenic , is to purchase a water filter that removes arsenic. There are a wide variety to choose from and they are affordable for any income range. You can even choose from countertop, undersink, and whole house, depending on the amount of non consumption of arsenic you want. So if you are ready to look and see what is available to you and see what unit is best for you and your family, you can go to our web site www.qualitywaterfilters4you.com .Start to protect your family the way you want to do everyday from the things you can see, now you can protect them from something that can harm them that you can't see or smell.


by: Chris Tracey


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