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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ladies, at the end of a hard day’s work, you are driving home and you start to daydream. You envision yourself walking through the doors of your house and you are greeted by servants who make it their top priority to pamper you. They whisk you away to your luxurious bathroom where a warm bubble bath is waiting for you while surrounded by candles. You are so excited at the thought of a bubble bath; you could do a cannonball right into the tub. However, the one thing that could completely ruin that dream is if your water was contaminated with chlorine. Not only does chlorine have a foul smell, but also it will leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Rainshowr Crystal Bath Ball 3000 will eliminate up to 90% of the chlorine from your bath water.

With this Bath Ball in your tub, you can revel in your relaxing bath. When you are through, your skin will feel healthy and clean. The water will pass through the filament inside the fabric pouch and the chlorine ions will then be converted to chloride, which holds no harmful effects.

What about your children? You strive to avoid skin rashes and you keep them away from anything that would harm or irritate them. So why would you want to dip them in a bathtub full of chlorine that will dry their skin? With the bath ball, you can protect them from harmful water just as you would protect them from anything else.

Use the Crystal Bath Ball 3000 to protect your skin and your family’s skin. Make your bubble baths more enjoyable. Servants might not greet you at the door and whisk you away to relaxation land, but at least you will not have dry, itchy skin


by: Chris Tracey


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