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Monday, August 18, 2008

It doesn't matter whether you live in the country with well water, or in the ciity with municipal water supply. Your water still has harmful contantaminants in it. Makes you wonder is my family safe from all these problems with water we hear about in the news these days. The answer is no unless you have a water filter system for your entire home/ The Crystal Quest 8 stage whole house water filter system..( CQE-WH-01103 ) is just the filter you are looking for. It is a point of entry filter system, which ensures every drop of water that comes into your home is filtered and all the harmful contaminants are gone. Leaving you with lots of great tasting, clean, clear drinking water. Although you could buy just a point of use water filter for each area of your home you want filtered water for, I ask you why spend the money for numerous filters when just 1 whole house unit will do a much better job. With the 8 stage whole house water filter, all your water you need for everything will be free of all the things you don't want in your water.

The Crystal Quest 8 stage whole house water filter. is a triple 20" system. This means you have three canisters hooked together with each cartridge having its own purpose. They are attractive white canisters and have a space saving design. The first stage of filtration is the Sediment cartridge, it removes dirt, silt and sand, which extends the life of the water filters and prevents damage to the unit. The second stage is a 6 multi stage unit, going thru the following filtrations, first being a one micron filter pad, then a KDF55, KDF85,Ion exchange resin, GAC and finally another one micron filter pad. This part filters out hundreds of harmful contaminants from your water, ie: chlorine, heavy metals, bad odors, etc. The final cartridge is a solid carbon filter which removes pestacides, insecticides and other harmful VOC's.

So if you are someone who worries about the water that you use in your home whether it is for cooking, drinking, bathing or whatever else you do with your water. The Crystal Quest 8 satge whole house water filter system is the filter system for you. This way when you, or your family take a shower or bath you aren't inhaling or absorbing all the harmful things in your water. Thus leaving your hair healthy and shiny, your skin not dry and flaky, no more itchy. In fact you will find you need less lotions and moisturizers than before. Using the filtered water in your washing machine, will save you on laundry detergents. As with hard water it takes more soap to get your clothes clean. Your kitchen faucet will now be your families best friend and you won't have to fight with your kids to drink more water as it will taste great to them and they will ask for water over soda drinks. Crystal Quest 8 stage whole house water filter system. gives you 160,000 gallons of fresh, great tasing, clean clear filtered water for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.


by: Chris Tracey


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