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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Children are blessings, aren’t they? As parents, you do your very best to keep them fed, clothed, educated, and healthy. On warm sunny days, you push them outside to go run around in the yard and utilize those little imaginations of theirs. When they are not running around, they are playing with paint while you are praying that they do not spill it on your clean carpet. While they are on the go, are you paying attention to their water consumption? Those little guys need a lot of water to keep their bodies healthy. But are you so sure that the water you give them from your kitchen faucet is clean?

Crystal Quest has two great faucet mounts for your water. They are quite convenient, in that they will not take up space in your sink, and they filter out the contaminants in your drinking water! Such contaminates as chlorine can leave your water tasting foul. Parents, you know that getting kids to drink water is a feat in itself, but add to it that the water tastes funny, and to you I will say, “Good luck!” Send your children out to play fully hydrated and ready to turn the neighborhood ragged. But use the faucet mounts to filter the unwanted particles and chemicals out of your water.

Save yourself money, and invest in these faucet mounts. Buying bottled water is nice for on-the-go occasions, but if you are sitting at home it can make that money add up. With the rise in gas prices, you are going to need every extra cent you can find!


by: Chris Tracey


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