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Friday, July 4, 2008

Days at the office can become quite stressful. There are deadlines after deadlines, and meetings to last a lifetime. Those busy days can make you quite thirsty, wouldn’t you agree? Bottled water can become expensive after a while, not to mention wasteful. So why not invest in a water cooler? They will save you money and they are environmentally friendly considering they are not being thrown away after use. The Crystal Quest Countertop Turbo 5 Stages of Filtration Water Cooler will be fantastic for your company! You need to keep your employees hydrated; they need to be functioning to the best of their abilities!

Within this water cooler, there are five stages. In the first stage, removed from the water are particles such as silt and sediment, which are soil particles, rust, etc. They are removed when the water passes through one tiny micron filter pad. The goal of the next stage is to rid the water of organic contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. They are not as harmful as they are just distasteful when added in to the water. The GAC, granulated activated carbon, cartridge removes these foul tasting contaminates and then it is on to the third and fourth stages! This oxidizes the chlorine by passing through a high-purity alloy blend of two metals: zinc and copper. The fifth stage has the water flowing through another filtration pad that eliminates nearly all contaminates in your water.

With the built in filtration system this water cooler has, how could you not be jumping to the order button? It will keep your employees watered up and ready to go! Not to mention the fact that you can control the hot and cold for your water! Try this Countertop Turbo 5 Stages of Filtration Water Cooler; you will not be disappointed!

by: Chris Tracey


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