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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ever get that feeling that you still are not clean, even after you get out of the shower? Almost like the soap did not work or the water was just dirt clean? I have a solution that will help your fear of getting out of the shower dirtier than you were when you got in!

This water filter will remove chlorine, chloramines, VOC's, THM's, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg" odor), iron oxides ("rust water"), dirt, sediment and other odors; everything you could possibly fear of the shower’s flowing water source! If you know, or even question, that there is some chance of any kind of chemical or dirt particles in your water, then you shouldn’t hesitate to make this purchase!

If you are the type of person that likes to take your shower right before bed, then I have another idea for you to take a look at. Dirt gets in to your bed mainly by you tracking it in and sleeping on a large growing number of bacteria. With the filtered shower water getting out all the little things, you can keep your bed sheets clean and fresh for longer.

If you have a family or pets, then you can keep their hair and skin, as well as yours, healthy with this water filter. Now we all know that children can get completely covered in dirt in the cleanest spot of earth! So why get them dirty as you’re trying to get them clean? If you have a pet that dislikes water, then giving baths should be as far and few between as possible! Get them clean the first time around, and limit the number of baths they are given. Keep all the extra unnecessary odors outside with the other animals.

by: Chris Tracey


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