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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Do you like being able to trust that your water is pure and as clean as it can possibly get? Yeah, I do also. With this Crystal Quest Large Capacity Ultimate
you can have the nice insurance that everyone loves.

This water filtered pitcher is easy to use and stores easily in a refrigerator. Open up the lid and run your water in to the filter to begin the filtration process. With 4 stages of the water filtration, you will have the confidence that your drinking water is completely clean and has absolutely no harmful bacteria in it. You might even want to get fancy with it and throw some Kool-Aid mix in the bottom of the pitcher and let the filtered water flow down into the mix as you refrigerate it. Once it is all done, give the pitcher a good shake, or stir, and you have ready to go COOL-aid!

This water filtered pitcher filters out hundreds of contaminants from your drinking water; things that you can and can’t see or taste. With bacteria in your ordinary glass of water, you could be slowly, and unknowingly, making yourself sick! With the gas prices going sky high, no one needs to be losing money by being sick and having to skip out on work for a day or more.

You could continually throw money in the trash by purchasing bottled water, or make the smart one-time buy of this Crystal Quest Large Capacity Ultimate
water filtration system. You can even make the purchase for someone that you know that might have a fear of germs or bacteria. Even if you question your water supply it might be a good idea to spend the money on this bacteria free water pitcher, you will be saving later.

Crystal Quest Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher

by: Chris Tracey


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